Warranty Information

HIDsRUS! covers the entirety of its product line under a “no questions asked” policy, which if purchased includes a standard 2 year warranty. Lifetime warranty upgrade is available. The constituency of either warranty is the same, provided its validity is still active. Regardless of any type of defect in your product, HIDsRUS! guarantees to replace the original product. However, any warranty claim must include your original sales receipt, which must prove that your product has been purchased from HIDsRUS!.

It is recommended that any HIDsRUS! product be installed by an automotive professional. Any issue concerning a product’s installation or compatibility should be addressed prior to the initial installation attempt.

The remedy we provide for the purchaser in regards to the breach of the aforementioned limited warranty, exclusive from all other lawful remedies, is limited to replacement or repair of any purchased product.

Any product returned to us for warranty review is required to be returned directly to HIDsRUS!. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser, not HIDsRUS!, and any damages to the product, or injury to any person as a result of the installation of the product, is also the responsibility of the purchaser. HIDsRUS! shall not claim responsibility for any injury or harm caused to any person or any property regarding the use of any of our products.

HIDsRUS!, under a “no questions asked” policy, provides a warranty for any claim, including any vehicle that is involved in a documented accident. Any warranty claim of this nature must be accompanied with pictures of the accident, as well as an official police report, and must be claimed within a three-month time period subsequent to said accident.

HIDs R US!, offers a lifetime warranty upgrade on the “HID (HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE) CONVERSION KIT”, and all respective parts included. The terms of the warranty are as follows: The lifetime warranty is attached to that of the individual who purchased the upgraded warranty for the product. If product is resold to a third party individual without written or verbal consent of HIDs R US!, the lifetime warranty is void. Consent may be attained by contacting us. Depending upon circumstance, we reserve the right to void the lifetime warranty at our discretion. In the event of such an occurrence, HIDsRUS!, will refund all collected funds from the indivual at the earliest possible time. PLEASE NOTE: lifetime warranty will not cover destroyed products. Lifetime warranty covers manufacture defects ONLY. It does not cover physical damage to the bulbs and or ballasts.

HIDs R US!, lifetime warranty does not cover shipping charges for warranty claims. PLEASE NOTE: All shipping charges on warranty items must be covered by the customer. This includes shipping the warrantied items back to the customer from our warranty dept. Warranty shipping charges are a flat rate $10 fee, not including international shipping. International order shipping charges on warranty items can vary depending on location. Please contact HIDs R US! for specific location warranty item shipping charges. HIDs R US! standard shipping is priority mail, if you are in need of faster shipping on warranty items we do offer other quicker options at the customer’s expense.

For any warranty claim, please contact us directly at help@hidsrus.com.  Please have your Order # available for reference.

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